Our Vision

Perfect waves in Berlin? With our SURF ERA Surf Park we want to make urban surfing possible.

The fascination of surfing is undeniable. In Germany, however, it is difficult to find the perfect wave. SURF ERA is solving this problem by bringing the ocean to the city with Germany’s first Surf Park. The center of this park will be a wave pool where every few seconds an artificial wave will crest and break. These waves are real waves that look and feel just like the ones that you may know from the ocean. Surfing is not merely a sport – it is a lifestyle that we want to share with all our visitors. Our goal is not to replace the ocean – we want to build a nearby supplement for all landlocked surfers and surfers-to-be. Because of their regularity and short intervals, artificial waves are well-suited for training, beginners and competitions. But how does such a huge pool fit into the cityscape? Our Surf Park will encompass about 62,500 m², roughly the size of 12 soccer fields. Berlin has some spaces left that would fulfill our criteria.

Our Concept

Our SURF ERA Surf Park is designed to bring entertainment, fun and perfect waves to Berlin. While achieving that goal, we also want our park to be sustainable – socially, economically and ecologically. For us, this means not only using renewable energy but also producing it locally on our grounds. We also want to promote social work and use surfing – amongst other things – for therapy and as an instrument for collaborations. SURF ERA will allow anyone to experience the unique sensation of surfing and to become part of the surfing lifestyle.

Surf era concept
for BUsinesses


With our energy management system we are aiming to meet all of the park’s energy needs ourselves. To do so, we will install vertical wind turbines and photovoltaics on the site. Also, in larger cities it is possible to generate energy by using heat pumps in the sewers. This way, we will have a lot of clean energy to put into our waves!

All Year Long!

SURF ERA welcomes experienced surfers, as well as beginners, spectators and anyone who is longing for a short vacation from their day-to-day routine in the city for 365 days a year! To keep our wave pool open even in the colder winter months, we will construct a reversible roof. Imagine riding the perfect wave – even if it’s snowing, raining or freezing outside.

That's huge!

The concept of our Surf Park is completely scalable and can be adapted to other locations in the future. Berlin is SURF ERAs starting point, but we want to realize our unique concept for other cities in Germany and the rest of the world. Not only the size of the wave pool but also the structure of the buildings are adjustable according to a wide range of locations. That means that surfing is possible anywhere!

There are about 25,000 active surfers living in the capital. At the moment, they have to travel very far to practice this sport.

With its 3.1 million inhabitants between the ages of 15 and 65, the metropolitan region offers an enormous potential for visitors. Catering and shops would attract even the non-surfers and surfing spectators.

In addition to that, Berlin is visited by around 13 million tourists every year. SURF ERA will not only attract them with the wave pool, but with accommodations, shops, cafés, sports and recreation.

Nice, eh?!

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The Founders

Our team currently consists of the two founders and one full time employee. Due to our heterogenous formation, our competencies range from business management, sports science, graphics and marketing, to engineering and facility management. Our SURF ERA family is steadily growing: supporters, business partners, politicians and contacts who support us in achieving our dream.

Eirik on LinkedIn

SURF ERAs technical genius is Marvin Thams. Although he has never once stood on a surfboard, he makes up for it with his knowledge in facility management, renewable energies and engineering. The concept of the energy management system for our surf park was created by Marvin.

Marvin on LinkedIn

Marvin – the technician

Whose idea was it? Eirik Randow started SURF ERA by combining his passion for surfing and his knowledge of business management. He put together the current team with which he is working day and night to realize this unique project.

Eirik – the visionary

Project Progress

So far, so good … A lot has happened since the idea of SURF ERA was born! Our business plan is ready and is waiting to be turned into reality. We were able to get funding through two Start Up grants, which is why we are able to work on realizing our dream full-time.
Tips, contacts and support are always welcome! If you know something or someone that could help us or be valuable for our project, please let us know via our contact form. We appreciate every support we can get!


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